A Man ..who is my true strength.

Well honestly speaking it is not possible to express my love for my father in just few words or some paragraphs..I can write a whole book and much more for my father,who is my guider, my friend , my true strength..

Before writing anything about my father I would like to share these words from a letter of a french man who wrote this to his daughter..because these words just melted my heart and surely it will touch your heart too..

Words from letter

Dear little one,

As I write this, I’m sitting in the makeup aisle of target..when you have a daughter, you start to realize she’s just as strong as everyone else in the house..a force to be reckoned with, a soul on fire with the same life and gifts and passions as any man. But sitting in this store aisle, you also begin to realize that most people won’t see her that way..they’ ll see her as pretty face. And they’ll tell her she has to look a certain way to have any worth or influence. Words do have power and may be, the words of a father can begin to compete with the words of the world. May be a father’s words can deliver his daughter through this gauntlet of institutionalized shame and into a deep, unshakeable sense of her own worthiness and beauty..I pray that three words will remain more important to you..

Where are you the most beautiful?? ON THE INSIDE.

” ln my practice I see far too many woman, young and old, who believe their worth is wrapped up in the way they look. It is painful to observe what these kind of messages do to a woman self-esteem. So I wrote the letter because I wanted my daughter to know that her worth is not connected to what she does or the way she looks.. that kind of thinking is a formula for shame. The experience of believing you are not worthy enough or that success depends on what you do..I want my daughter to clearly understand that there was nothing she could do that would make her mom or dad love her more or less”

These words. ♥

Well the reason of shairing this letter to you all is that.. I have always been very passionate about the relationship of father and daughter because for me it is one of the strongest bond of the world.

I think father’s involvement in the life of a daughter will help prepare her to catch the lies that culture teaches about how to be confident and beautiful.

The unconditional, intentional love of a father teaches his daughter that true beauty is on the inside, in her heart♥ knowing this from an early age will help over power the messages she will receive out in the world. And honestly according to me only a father can do it. Because He doesn’t give his power to his daughter he just arouse the power within herself.

When I count my blessing..I count my father billion times..because he is a man who is my true strenght..

He is a man who held my hand when I was toddling and taught me how to laugh, talk, smile, walk. The steps he walked by myside fearing of my falls, though I did! He raised me from the ground and told me “it’s alright”. The man who watched me grow day after day. Told me to stand tall no matter what.

He is the man I saught for a cuddle and a little tap on my shoulder when my time got hard. The moral and respect I learnt from him. Patience are inherited to me from my father. He gave me everything and still doing.

He made me the girl I’m today. A girl who still falls and sometimes needs a tap on the shoulder.. He is standing right behind me while encouraging me to face the world. As, I have seen so many fathers who cut the wings of their own fairies . He is definitely not like them. He didn’t immure me but gave me wings to fly.

And I can proudly say that I will always choose my father over and above any other man ..


Make sure the Sun will Shine for you :)

There are times when all the world asleep, the questions run so deep, you ask yourself while looking into the mirror, you are searching for answers in your own eyes..you wonder! who are you, Are you evil? Are you Angel? You keep thinking of all what you have been through, and what days made of you…

How easy to feed you dark side, and how hard it could be to take a step towards the right path.

You start thinking that you are weak, and your mind weakness make you think like that. You think there is no hope for a better chance, infact you like being kept in the dark, you fear to face your fears..

Instead of fighting to the devil growing within you. You put that blindfold on your heart and pretend it’s born like that..

Wake up, Human.”Wake up from this nightmare, as you are neither angel nor evil…you are human, you have a strong heart if you want it strong, You have a clear mind, if you add some light”..

Extract your soul back from this consuming shadow of your sick subconscious, it’s about time you got out of this tower you imprisoned yourself into…

Go ahead, ride your future as it does not wait for any loser..

So now when you look into the mirror just remenber time mends what you have broke, days and years will make you forget, don’t search for the answer anymore, just be grateful for WHO YOU ARE..

Look out of the window, and say it’s going to be a beautiful day, and when you do that make sure …” The Sun Will Shine For You”..

  • Worry less,
  • Smile more,
  • Don’t regret
  • Just learn and grow

zindagi gulzaar hai..

  • Zindagi gulzaar hai..ye ishq ka darbaar hai. Kisi k gham ko baantna hi pyaar hai..ahh I love this song♥

Well how many people actually say that “zindagi gulzaar hai” or life is beautiful??? Any idea.. ?

If you ask me!!.., I can only speak from my own expriences in life and honestly I get very disappoint when I mostly hear people complaining about life….I know life is difficult..But for me anyone who choose to fight with his despair life ia soldier in my book. And I know that there is a soldier in everyone of us..but sometime we need someone to bring the soldier out..and for that purpose I think some powerwordz can help…and the reason for starting the blog is to motivate people …need some motivation??

soo here I’m for some motivation and humble advices … I’ll try my best that my words will help you to find out your inner soldier ..

  • Okay! But first let me introduce myself …
  • I’m nimra malik! a middle class girl with looooots of goals …I think I’m mysterious because in my whole life I haven’t find single person who actually know the real me..some people think I’m quite and shy.,some people say I’m insane, some think I’m too much plain, I’m a little bit eccentric..you can say i’m a simple girl with deliciously complicated mind..
  • If you talk to me..I don’t just listen to your words.I watch your face , I stare into your eyes, I check out your body language, I peep your tone, I make note of your use of words, I hear what you don’t say .I’m always searching, always questioning struggling to find the meaning in everything ..I’m passionate, creative and deep woman.I don’t have all the answers but i know my worth. It took me a long time to accept me for who I am..and for that reason I think I became a mature person .. maturity in a sense that at a very young age I start talking like a philosopher .. 😉 well I know you don’t give a damn about my philosophies….but I’m gonna share them anyway.. 😉 intro is gone too long XD. Its because I love talking about myself actually”mein apni favorite hon”
  • Soo lets start it..I hope my word will touch your heart…
  • Worry less
  • Smile more
  • Don’t regret
  • Just learn and grow ..♥